SAIET Engineering is part of the SAIET Group, founded in 1982 to provide technological solution in the automation market. Born in 1997, SAIET ENGINEERING has its main mission to respond to the growing market demand for lean and reliable companies able to provide small and medium size of material handling systems and sort plants in the field of intralogistics and logistics applications.

In almost of 40 years of work, SAIET Group has been a partner of renowned customers, increasing their competitiveness through the offering of integrated logistics solutions based on the advanced mechatronic technologies and professional services.


SAIET ENGINEERING’s Team analyses, studies, designs, develops and delivers high-tech solutions able to meet 100% needs of its customers.

Our efficient structure is composed by many departments:


Professional engineers who analyze the customer’s request and develop an ad hoc project using highly specialized software


SAIET Engineering has always been committed to researching new technologies capable of optimizing its systems. R&D department is one of the points of pride of SAIET Engineering. Every year we dedicate 4% of the revenue as an investment in this department, which has allowed us to patent various solutions and products.


A team of professionals with proven experience in the sector takes care of the implementation, customization and release of the entire software environment dedicated to our automatic sorting systems


A group of professionals analyzes the needs together with the customer, recommending the best solution and supporting him in the final decision. The continuous collaboration allows a constant relationship with the customer, from pre to post sales.


Professionals who are responsible for supporting the customer in all aspects of ordinary or extraordinary programmatic maintenance. Intervention times and replacement of spare parts are the priority.



SAIET Engineering is proud to collaborate with local non-profit organizations, supporting noble projects


Quality and continual improvement are key priorities for SAIET ENGINEERING.

SAIET GROUP, certified since 2004 according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001, plans, implement and maintain a quality management system under control, adapting the organization and operating methods to the requirements of the standard, with the aim of being able to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of the Customer and the Interested Parties.

SAIET GROUP, collaborates for years with the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in order to guarantee its customers high quality standards and the possibility to export its equipment all over North America without any legislative issue.

Furthermore, always more countries; having recognized the validity of the UL qualifications, require with increasing frequency the products certification in accordance with the UL standards, that are worldwide considered the most strict and safeguarding criteria.



Attention to the health and safety of its employees is one of the main values in which SAIET ENGINEERING daily invests. The employees are involved by the organisation and are continuously trained in the field of health and safety.

SAIET ENGINEERING is committed to conduct its business in full compliance with the environmental regulation, constantly paying specific attention to reduce waste, to minimize noise and to the recycling of materials.

Life cycle service

SAIET ENGINEERING equipment and installations have significantly long lifecycles, due to the high-quality design and manufacturing.

SAIET ENGINEERING provides tailored solutions that fully fit the needs of our customer, increasing its competitivity and maximizing the ROI.


The strong experience in revamping and refurbishment of entire systems allows us to support the customer in incrementing its equipment lifecycle.

We can renew all our installations and provide modernization on others, fully compliant with the latest health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements.