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Artichoke Modular Sorter

The new generation of the Artichoke Modular System is based on the Swivel technology. It has been designed to be aggregate as multiple modules to reach high performances and high reliability.

The main technical features:

  • Modular approach: The swivel can be composed according with the items to be sorted and the capacity required
  • High density of wheels and high grip rubber coated wheels
  • Brushless motors: Each module is autonomous and controlled by a brushless motors to guarantee high performances, flexibility and reliability
  • Fully control of the rotation of the wheels: Possibility to control the angle position of the wheels during the transport and the sorting functions
  • Fully control of the speed: thank the brushless motor, each module can be setting up with a different speed to have a fully control of the sorting trajectories
  • Minimising wear components: Only one belt is installed on each module
  • Robust design: handled parcels weighting up to 50kg
  • Very high speed rotation: to cover 180° rotation are needed only 300ms
  • High capacity of the system: up to 6K parcels per hour

Main benefit:

  • Modular elements base on the parcel dimensions and the capacity required
  • Minimization of friction mechanical components thanks to use the brushless motor technology
  • Fast maintenance maximized by the modular design, allowing “Plug and Play” maintenance in case of failure
  • Very low gap between the wheels surface and the mechanical frame to increase the stability of heterogeneous items (standard and small, flat, carton box, polybags)
  • Bidirectional functionality: designed to run in both direction according with the inbound and outbound process;
  • Flexibility in its applications: same system enables merging and sorting as well as alignment and the distribution with different trajectories.